Lowry Pediatric Dental Health

Proudly Providing Pediatric Dentistry to Denver CO

Welcome to Lowry Pediatric Dental Health! We are Denver area pediatric dentists fully
trained and experienced in dental care for children and teens. Taking your child to the
dentist, whether it is the first time or the thirtieth, can be a positive experience for parent and
child. We strive to make every visit as simple, comfortable, and stress-free as possible for

Understanding Children’s Needs

Children need dental care from the moment their first baby tooth emerges, but it can be an
intimidating experience. At Lowry Pediatric Dental Health, our dentists and oral health care
team understand this and tailor every child’s experience to their personality, level of anxiety,
and any special needs they may have.

Dr. Jeanie excels at interacting with children during their dental visits, drawing on her
background working with special needs children. Her years as a volunteer
overseas performing dental work in underprivileged areas are a testament to her dedication
to helping children maintain happy, healthy smiles.

Transforming the Dental Visit

It is like music to our ears when parents tell us their child “could not wait to come visit the
dentist today!” From the office surroundings to our carefully chosen staff, we offer
amenities that add luxury, safety, and comfort to you and your child’s dental visit, including:

● Netflix or music during procedures
● Refreshments in our waiting area
● Warm blankets
● A state-of-the-art air filtration system
Sedation for dental anxiety
● Fun, educational materials to demystify dental procedures
● Kind, cheerful staff

Let Us Help Introduce Your Children To Dental Health

Lowry Pediatric Dental Health has the specialized equipment, facility, and staff to properly address today’s most demanding pediatric dentistry needs in a warm and caring environment.

Call us: 303-343-2803

Respecting Children and Their Parents

Children love to learn – they soak up information and ask questions because they are
curious about the world around them. That curiosity is one of our greatest tools in
developing a trusting relationship with your child. We respect their intelligence and
enthusiasm, listening to them and teaching them something new at each visit. We believe
every child can be excited about proper dental care and learn the best way to care for their
oral health, ensuring their teeth last a lifetime.

As a parent, you will have questions and concerns of your own. You are always part of the
equation when your child sees Dr. Jeanie. We strive to inform you of every step
in any dental treatment, encourage questions, and take the time to make sure you and your
child are comfortable before proceeding.

Establishing a successful dentist/patient relationship with children requires a special touch –
we are always friendly, patient, and relatable. Don’t be surprised to hear your child laughing
from the dental chair – our approach is fresh, fun, and reassuring.

Minimizing Stress and Pain for Your Child

Our office is not the cold, impersonal dental office of your childhood. We’ve created a
soothing, cheerful environment from the reception area to the exam rooms.

Laser cavity removal eliminates the need for numbing injections in many situations.
● Alternative treatments to traditional fillings for children who are unable to handle
more standard dental treatments using Silver Diamine Fluoride.
● Pain is controlled with local anesthetics and, where appropriate, sedation.
● We greet our patients at the door for their first visit, introducing them to their care
team. By the end of their first appointment, we are friends, not strangers.
● Ethical, compassionate care backed by years of experience.
● We thoroughly explain each procedure to parent and child using graphics, computer
imagery, and other tools to ensure everyone knows what will happen and when.
● Digital x-rays minimize radiation exposure and are highly detailed.
Once your child’s dental health journey begins at Lowry Pediatric Dental Health, the result
will be a lifetime of good oral health.

Call our office at Pediatric Dentist Office Phone Number 303-343-2803 to schedule your child’s first appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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