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When & What Is My Child’s First “Regular” Visit?

The first “regular” dental visit should be no later than your child’s first birthday. We will gently examine your child’s teeth and gums. X-rays may be taken to reveal decay and check on the progress of your child’s permanent teeth under the gums. We may clean your child’s teeth and apply topical fluoride to help protect the teeth against decay. We will make sure your child is receiving adequate fluoride at home. Most important of all, we will review with you how to clean and care for your child’s teeth.

Dr. Felton cleaning toddler's teeth while mother holds toddler's hands

Let Us Help Introduce Your Children To Dental Health

Call our office with any questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Felton at Pediatric Dentist Office Phone Number 303-343-2803. You can also use our online appointment form.

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